Play The Game

When playing Silverado Stud® Poker, players are not 

playing against the dealer or the other players. 

Players are simply trying to make the best 3-card 

poker hand and the best 5-card poker hand. 

The player uses the four cards in his hand along with the dealer's two cards, called 'community cards,' to make the 3-card and 5-card hands. Below is a detailed description of how the game is played. After you learn how to play this fun variation of poker!

BET: Players place 2 equal wagers on the designated areas.  

THE PLAY: Each player will receive four cards. The player will split the four cards received; one for the 3-card hand and three for the 5-card hand. The dealer will then flip over the first community card. The player has the option to place a 'raise' in respect to the 5-card hand. The dealer will flip the second community card 

and winning hands will be paid accordingly.